Get together grub - Gobi ka Kheema

This Diwali was over before we knew it. For the first time we had many family and friends close by so we were busy either hosting a party or going to one. At one such dinner we were served a dish that not only tasted great but sounded it too - Gobi ka kheema.

My immediate thought was to get the recipe so I could blog about it! But the party was a raucous and chaotic affair and finding a quiet moment with the host was out of question.

Coming home, I googled for the recipe and after a couple of hits and misses with soy chunks and paneer, landed on this page. The recipe seemed a close approximation of what I had eaten. I modified it a little and relished the dish all over again. If you want to steer clear of koftas and paneer for your next party, give this kheema a shot. You won't be disappointed.


GOBI KA KHEEMA (Minced Cauliflower)
(adapted from this recipe)
(serves 2-3 as a main)
1 medium cauliflower
1-2 bay leaves
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1-2 onions, grated or pulsed in a blender
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
2-3 tomatoes, blanched & pureed*
1/2 cup peas
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp garam masala
salt to taste
1 tbsp cream (optional) and finely chopped cilantro for garnish

Separate cauliflower into large florets and grate coarsely in a food processor or by hand. Heat oil in a saucepan. Add cauliflower and saute for 8-10 minutes. Continue sauteeing until the florets turn golden brown. Set aside.

Heat oil and add bay leaf and cumin seeds. When seeds sizzle, add grated onion. Stir for a few minutes then add ginger garlic paste. Continue stirring until onions lose moisture completely and don't smell raw.

Reduce heat and add tomato puree. Mix well. Add chilli powder and peas. Season to taste.

When gravy starts to simmer, add cauliflower. Ensure it is well coated with spices. Cook for 5-7 minutes on moderate heat to reduce sauce. Add garam masala and mix well. Garnish with cilantro and top with cream if preferred. Serve hot with naan or paratha.

* I used this tomato gravy. I have written about it before - it's pure magic!
* The kheema got me thinking about its potential uses. A little binding with flour and one could use it to make meatballs, tikkis or add to a pulao.



Blogger indosungod said...

Ashwini, Gobi Ka Kheema is a winner, I love everything from the name on. Pat on your back for getting and posting this recipe. :)

5:23 PM  
Blogger TBC said...

Gobi ka kheema sounds good.Pretty simple to make too.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Menu Today said...

Hi Ashwini,
Vegetarian version of Kheema looks nice, thanks for sharing.

7:28 PM  
Blogger DK said...

luks like gourmet and sounds simple!

9:07 PM  
Blogger EC said...

Nice one, quite different from the usual stuff we prepare with gobi

10:29 PM  
Blogger Richa said...

ooh! that's one of my most fav ways to make gobi :) do try adding some kasturi methi too, if you like, tastes yum!

11:04 PM  
Blogger Suganya said...

I have tasted gobi kheema in one of the restaurants in India. My attempt to recreate at home was a flop. Thanks for this recipe, Ashwini. I will definitely give this a try.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been looking for different things to do with cauliflower and this sounds like a winner!

1:47 AM  
Blogger Sia said...

ashwini, i never had gobi ka kheema before. but it looks like dry aloo-gobi my hubby cooks for me;)
i can think of using it for many different items. thanks for the recipe ashwini. quickly went through ur tomato puree recipe and i cant wait to try that one :)

6:10 AM  
Blogger Bong Mom said...

This sounds very interesting and different. Thanks Ashwini

8:24 AM  
Blogger Priya said...

The Gobi Kheema looks delicious Ashwini ! And it would surely make good koftas, but I don't think I could wait to make them once the curry is done :)) My next cauliflower sure knows where its going to end up :)

8:33 AM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Indo, Tbc, MT, Dhivya, EC - thanks

Richa - the tomato gravy I use has kasuri methi in it so I don't add any more

Suganya - at least you had head of the dish. It was totally new to me.

Manisha - I know, my thoughts exactly. Cauliflower is such a staple in the crisper. And this recipe can be tweaked endlessly. No need to go all fancy if you don't feel like it - chop onions & tomatoes, add masala and gobi and done!

Sia - it doesn't taste like aloo gobi! More like gobi gobi :-D
Oooh what can I say about the tomato puree? I adore it!!

Sandeepa - thanks (and good to see you around)

Priya - Heehee.... you are right. Its too delicious to reserve it for anything else. Maybe leftovers if you have em?

9:36 AM  
Blogger FH said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ash, great dish to serve!:))

10:39 AM  
Blogger SteamyKitchen said...

I planted 3 tomato plants that are doing wonderfully. But my husband hates tomatoes. Great recipe b/c I can puree them and sneak them in!

11:08 AM  
Blogger KayKat said...

Grating the cauliflower sounds like an awesome idea - it would actually work perfect for what I "think" is the kheema consistency!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Priya said...

Hey Ashwini, I made your gobi kheema last night and I LOVE..EE it. Thank You ! Its here.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Priya - so glad you liked the kheema. I was a bit nervous if it would live up to all the hype I had created :-D Enjoy!

12:55 PM  
Blogger archana said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe with us Aswini, i made this yesterday. I know for sure that i will be making it again for my vegetarians for many parties to come.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Archana - thanks! glad you liked the dish.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said...

This is perfect. I got cauliflower in my CSA box yesterday and I have to give this a try. Simply gorgeous!

2:44 AM  
Blogger amna said...

Came here from Suganya's blog. She was absolutely right about the recipe and the pic :) Gotta try this.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Shella said...

I guess everybody has a different but similar version of this lovely simple recipe. I have one posted on my blog. The keema looks wonderful

10:41 AM  
Blogger Mishmash ! said...

Tried this last night and turned out good. thank you :) A keeper for entertaining my vegetarian guests :)

Happy Holidays!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Shn - thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the kheema.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took me 3 hours to make this dish with rotis. But the final outcome was not worth all the effort. I ran short of tomato sauce for a medium size cauliflower, eventhough I used 1 tomato extra. This one was a bummer for me :-(.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Novice - 3 hours?? It really shouldn't take that long. In any case every dish is a matter of taste - maybe this just wasn't up your alley.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwini,
Thanks for a nice recipe. I made it the other day. I also adapted it with TVP - soya protein granules.


tx again,

11:08 AM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Priya so glad you liked the dish. And thanks for the idea with TVP. I am always on the lookout for ways to include soy products in my meals.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

my mom cooks it, and i love it...I came across ur recipe while i was looking for it on net... thanks for sharing otherwise i would have ended up making the traditional aloo gobhi :)

8:06 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Sonia, gobi kheema is not a common recipe. Your mom sure is a great cook then! I didnt find a lot of recipes on the net so I made sure to post this version. Hope you like it.

11:48 PM  
Blogger amna said...

i tried this and loved it!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Thanks Nags

11:21 AM  
Blogger Sonia said...

Hi Ashwini,
Hope u r fine and okay as u haven't seen after ur February post.
BTW, ur Gobi-Kheema is new recipe 4 me. and ur Tomato-puree theme is really helpful and unique recipe. I already bookmarked ur Tomato-puree recipe in my diary.
And Gobi-Kheema is going to my dinner today as I have Cauliflower in my fridge.
Thanks 4 nice recipe and will let u knw abt it.
Take care,

9:18 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Hey Sonu, welcome to FFT. I wasn't familiar with gobi kheema either. Its a nice dish... hope you enjoy your dinner.
PS - make the tomato puree when you have lots of time or are hosting a party :)

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ashwini,
I don't know what I did wrong, but this dish tasted like cauliflower in tomato puree, that's it. No other flavouring - tho I even added a tbsp of kasuri methi while cooking. Was disappointed, as had made it for guests. Any thoughts?

6:20 AM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Hi Anjali, thats too bad. The dish is simple - as in dont expect a rich, kurma-esque dish in the first place. I think the key lies in browning the cauliflower really well and using a good quality garam masala. If you are used to spicier dishes, perhaps you could try upping the red chilli powder or using a commercial garam masala instead?

2:27 PM  
Blogger Sia said...

Tried it, loved it and blogged it :) thanks a lot for fab recipe of gobi ka kheema and tomato puree.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Anuja Divatia Mukherjee said...

I just tried this recipe. I've been looking for an uncommon recipe for cauliflower (I'm so tired of aloo-ghobi and cauliflower soups)....it turns out GREAT...my husband and I really enjoyed it.

5:37 PM  

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